Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reunion of First Cousins

On August 11, 2013, we held a reunion of the first cousins--organized by Mark Anderson and held at Lynette Harmon's house (thank you!) in Saratoga Springs, Utah. It was great to be together and get caught up on our families.

Here is a chart showing the children and grandchildren of Lawrence Albert and Esther Melissa Lindsay Anderson:

Theo & Lois Anderson
Clark & Reta Anderson
Ray & Lois Anderson
Verda & Wallace Brown
Lindsay & Thelma Anderson
Ralph & Myrl Anderson
Blaine & Faye Anderson
George & Delsa Anderson
Robert & Jean Moore
Jay & Diane Anderson
Norma & Gil Gilson
(Clair Turner-dec.)
Eldon (dec.) & Joyce Stott
Duane & Lynette Harmon
Vardell (dec.) & Jane Anderson
Neil & Lorna Anderson
Raymond & Dorothy Miller
Yvonne (dec.) Cooper
Monte & Marie Depew
Roy & Barbara (dec.) Gombert
David & Nelly Anderson
Jerry (div.) & Dixie (dec.) Hoffman
Woodrow & Lona Rogers
John & Therena Anderson
Stephen & Sharen Anderson
Lynn & Karma Woffinden
Bernie & Faye Green
Leon (dec.) & Kathryn (dec.) Anderson
Warren & Florence Child
Joe & Darlene Anderson
Clark & Lynnea Anderson
Marion (Butch) & LuJean (dec.) Hess
Carol & Kenneth (dec.) Mangus
Jess & Linda Nuttall
Ray & Lanette Anderson
Ron & Korahle Anderson
Rulon & Marcy Anderson
Marty & Jeri Holland
Wally & Linda Brown
Mark & Betty Anderson
Roger & Laurie Anderson
Larry & Denise (dec.) Anderson
Gawin & Tess Wilkins
Kent & Judy Talbot
Reid & Karen Heiss
Giles & KaLynne Van Valkenburgh
Morris & Susan (dec.) Mickelson
Stewart & Janette Brown
Trevor & Linda Giles

Cousins in attendance:  Jay & Diane Anderson, Marie & Monte Depew, Karma & Lynn Woffinden, Lynette & Duane Harmon, David Anderson, Linda Nuttall, Mark & Betty Anderson, Judy & Kent Talbot, Florence & Warren Child, Ray & Lanette Anderson, Lona Rogers, Ron & Korahle Anderson, Dorothy & Raymond Miller, and Karen Heiss.

Two of our cousins passed away this year before the reunion, Vardell Anderson and Susan Mickelson. Less than three weeks after the reunion, our cousin LuJean Hess passed away. They are missed very much, and our hearts go out to their families.

Pictures of most of those who came (some slipped away before I could catch them with my camera!):
Marie & Monte Depew

Lynn & Karma Woffinden

Lynette & Duane Harmon

David Anderson

Linda Nuttall

Mark & Betty Anderson

Judy & Kent Talbot

Florence & Warren Child

Lanette & Ray Anderson

Lona Rogers
Korahle & Ron Anderson

Dorothy Miller

Karen Heiss

We'd like to get together again in 2015, so watch for more information on that!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grandma's Diaries

After my dad died, I was entrusted with all the family history stuff he had. I've finally reached the point in my life where I can focus more attention on it and figure out how to share it, so here is the first of many posts to come. I have five diaries that my grandmother, Esther Melissa Lindsay Anderson Boulton, kept over a period of 25 years (5 years in each diary).

Click on these links to access the diaries: